Tear down



Keep in mind that removing a wall has many other parts to the project besides just tearing down the wall. Other possible work involved is

  • possible structural engineering fees and designs
  • electrical work - remove and reposition outlets and switches, need electrician
  • duct work - returns need to be repositioned
  • flooring will have to be patched or new flooring throughout
  • drywall work
  • painting
  • beam
  • footings/jack posts
  • adding more insulation 
  • support structure 
  • planning
  • etc...

Whatever the plan there is more to it than taking down a wall. Most walls are support walls that hold up the ceiling framing or upstairs rooms. If you want a free estimate on taking down a wall we can certainly come out and take a look. But FYI our starting price is $15,000.00 plus tax. for wall removal etc...

Most of our open concept renovations consist of wall removal, beam, new kitchen, flooring, tiling, drywall, electrical, plumbing, painting, trim and design. So our starting price is for a small job. For a complete renovation you will be quoted accordingly.  

Depending on the renovation project, engineering and span the type of beam to be used is a important part of any open concept design. Many factors come into play determining the right type of beam to be used. Such as the span, weight loads, design and look. Most beams are replacing a space where a wall once was or completely opening up the area so the ceiling is now flush and opening up to a larger area. 

Flush beams are meant to be hidden in a attic or upper floor joist frame. The term flush is referred to the finished ceiling that is now even in both rooms that was once divided by a wall. The flush beam supports the ceiling joists/rafters using hangers, while the beam itself is supported usually by a outside wall and opposite wall along the span. These walls will be reinforced to the foundation with framing to hold the load. 

Header are exposed and can be decorative or simply framed and drywalled. The header holds the weight of the upper floor as well and is used where a flush beam can't be installed because of large spans or heavier weight loads. 

If you want to remove a wall for a open concept kitchen/living room etc... what beam would you use? Depends on the design of your home etc... We can help you decide and design the look you want. Come visit us for your free consultation. 


Beam Installed

Flush Beam, Wall dividing kitchen/dining room


Not all beams either LVL or steel can be installed as flush beams. Depending on the original framing (older homes) and structural design sometimes the beam will be partial exposed on the ceiling. So it's not a flush finish but not as exposed as a complete header. So taking down walls and opening up room for open concept living is what we can do for you. Call us for your consultation.

Thanks for checking us out! Go to our contact page and send us a email or call for your consulation.

What a difference it makes taking down a wall! Do you have a wall that needs to come down? Give us a call! 


Please keep in mind! Hire professional like MSI to take down walls and install beams, we have the experience and knowledge to do this work. Don't take a chance on the cheapest quote/company! Make sure they have experience because your house structure and your life depends on it.

Poor workmanship/experience can result in your house collapsing. Be safe and assured that work done by MSI will be done right. Hire us!   

For your consultation please go to our contact page and send us a email. We will contact you to set up a date and time for you to come by our showroom and discuss your project. Thank you 


Flush Beam (Inside the ceiling/hidden)

We also do cathedral ceilings


Some jobs we have done.

Header (Under the ceiling framing/exposed)

Tear down

Header installation. Before wall dividing kitchen/living room


Flush beam or header what's the difference? 



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